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Re: [equinox-dev][monitoring] Making MXBean attributes automatically available while using org.eclipse.equinox.jmx.server?

Hi.  This conversation is best suited for the newsgroup, so I have started
a thread there.  The following is the same reply as posted in the

Simple answer: You are right in that currently you would have to augment
getMBeanInfo in your derived Contribution class to return the set of
attributes your contribution will expose.
Only objects that are instances of classes that implement DynamicMBean or
implement object.getClass().getName() + "MBean" may be registered with the
mbean server.  The latter
instances have their attributes gleaned immediately from the getter and
setter methods - and appear so in JConsole.  There were two reasons to
implement the former, though suggestions
and contributions as to how both can be supported are certainly welcome.
First, some 'Contribution's may not know what attributes they would like to
expose until run-time, one such
set of 'Contribution's that comes to mind are property files that you may
which to manage remotely - via the Eclipse client.  The second, in order to
facilitate serialization of the 'Contribution'
over various transport protocols, it is a great deal simpler to request
from the 'Contribution' its accessble attributes and operations so that
they may be wrapped by a simple container class
(see ContributionProxy).

So, in short, I would try just creating the array of attributes that you
which to expose, unless you are interested in tackling some larger design
details.  Please feel free to continue the thread
with any comments or questions.

Robert Connell

>I?m trying to expose some MXBeans through the Contribution and
ContributionProvider classes in the org.eclipse.equinox.jmx.server
package.  The MBeans that get registered have their getter and setter
methods mapped to operations rather then as attributes of >the MBean.  Is
there a way to automatically have attributes show up like how the
javax.management.MBeanServer.registerMBean function does?

>I?m exposing the information as properties through the getProperties()
function in my Contribution class, but that does not work when viewing the
bean from jconsole. It looks like I can create my own array of
MBeanAttributeInfo classes and pass that to >MBeanInfoWrapper, but that
seems overly complicated to do what java already does automatically.

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