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[equinox-dev][monitoring] Making MXBean attributes automatically available while using org.eclipse.equinox.jmx.server?

I’m trying to expose some MXBeans through the Contribution and ContributionProvider classes in the org.eclipse.equinox.jmx.server package.  The MBeans that get registered have their getter and setter methods mapped to operations rather then as attributes of the MBean.  Is there a way to automatically have attributes show up like how the javax.management.MBeanServer.registerMBean function does? 


I’m exposing the information as properties through the getProperties() function in my Contribution class, but that does not work when viewing the bean from jconsole. It looks like I can create my own array of MBeanAttributeInfo classes and pass that to MBeanInfoWrapper, but that seems overly complicated to do what java already does automatically.  



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