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[equinox-dev] [p2] Automated test cleanup, reminder of build tagging

We need to get into a state where HEAD of the p2 projects remains in good shape. We are now appearing in Eclipse nightly and integration builds, and soon our tests should also be running in the builds.  This means that someone should be able to checkout our code at any time, run org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests.AutomatedTests without any additional manual setup, and come up with no failures. To help get there, I have removed any tests from the AutomatedTests class that require manual setup (such as metadata generation), and put them instead in a new ManualTests class. These tests are still useful, but they can't be run as part of the build until they are self-sufficient and require no extra setup. There were also a few failing tests that seemed to be incomplete, which I have commented out and opened a bug report for.

Our p2 JUnit tests in HEAD (AutomatedTests) now all pass.  To help us stay that way, try to get into the habit of running them before you release any changes to p2. New tests for added functionality are always welcome ;)

An additional reminder: since we are contributing to the Eclipse integration builds, it's imporant to ensure everything's in good shape in time for the build submission.  Since I-builds are every Tuesday (8am EST, 5am PST), the build contribution will occur every Monday evening, with more frequent submissions leading up to milestones. Pascal will be doing the tagging, so coordinate with him if you have last minute changes before a build.