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Re: AW: [equinox-dev] OSGi Logger Service <-> Eclipse Plugin Logger

Thanks Niclas.

I'm really looking for something much more trivial than Pax logging :)...so for the time being I implemented LogService myself.

But thanks for the info, I may very well use Pax logging in the future.

One question: what does the Pax logging API bundle depend upon? (i.e. extension registry?, others?).


Niclas Hedhman wrote:
On Tuesday 09 October 2007 04:28, Scott Lewis wrote:
Is there any existing LogService implementation that just prints to
System.out/System.err...that is in a bundle present for *all* Equinox
impls (not just Eclipse)?

Equinox in its purest form has no bundles in it besides the system bundle, and 
IIRC the internal Equinox logger is not exposed.

That is, is there some basic LogService that can be used as a last-ditch
logging mechanism (if no other LogService is available)?

Pax Logging attempts to provide both OSGi Log Service functionality as well as 
bridging of third-party legacy APIs such as;

 JDK Logging
 Jakarta Commons Logging
 Avalon Logging API
 KnopflerFish Log
Pax Logging consists of 2 bundles. The API bundle must always be present and 
is what all the legacy code will 'bind' into when they lookup a logger the 
respective way. The Service bundle can come and go to allow for upgrade of 
the Log4J driven bakend, without taking down the entire application.
When the Service is not available, the API will revert to System.out (a 
buffering version is under construction).

You find Pax Logging at OPS4J, http://wiki.ops4j.org