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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Shared install filesystem layout

Andrew Overholt wrote on 08/10/2007 11:41:30 AM:

> After discussing shared installs with Pascal a bit more, we decided that
> it would be best for me to come up with an ideal file system layout and
> work backwards from there.  


> /usr/bin/eclipse - actual launcher binary (preferably not a wrapper)
- where would eclipse.ini go?  next to the launcher or somewhere else?
- is there any 32/64 bit system issue here?

> /usr/share/eclipse/plugins - platform-independent plugins
> /usr/share/eclipse - rest of platform-independent stuff

- can you give an example of this?

> /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins - platform-dependent plugins (fragments)

- more of an FHS question but why is "lib" platform dependent and "share" not?  Seems strange.
- in any event, in the new provisioning world, perhaps there can be separate artifact repos for each platform.
- BTW, does "platform" include window system?

> /usr/lib64/eclipse/plugins - platform-dependent plugins for bi-arch
>                              systems (ex. if both x86 and x86_64 version
>               of Eclipse are installed on the same x86_64
>               system)
> /etc/eclipse - machine-specific (system-wide) Eclipse configuration information

- can you give an example of this?

> /var/lib/eclipse - variable state information for running Eclipse
> /var/cache/eclipse - cached Eclipse application information
> /var/lock/eclipse - lock file(s)
> /var/log/eclipse - log file(s)
> --------------
> /home/<user>/.eclipse - user-specific configuration, preferences,
> profile, etc.
> A few questions that remain:

a question of my own.

- how do you generally handle versions?  for example, it is imaginable that people need Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4 installed.  They both have eclipse.exe, eclipse.ini, ...  Are they packaged with unique names?