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[equinox-dev] [prov] new UI projects released to incubator

Meant to cross-post this...
----- Forwarded by Susan M Franklin/Beaverton/IBM on 07/23/2007 11:40 AM -----
Susan M Franklin

07/23/2007 11:38 AM

        To:        provisioning-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
        From:        Susan M Franklin/Beaverton/IBM@IBMUS
        Subject:        new UI projects released to incubator

There are two new UI projects in the provisioning area
        - equinox-incubator/provisioning/org.eclipse.equinox.prov.ui
        - equinox-incubator/provisioning/org.eclipse.equinox.prov.ui.admin

Assuming you are already self hosting the provisioning code, you'll want to:
- get these projects from the repository (they are not currently in the project set)
- create an "Eclipse application" launch config and copy the arguments from one of your other launch configs, such as Test Director SDK
- launch the workspace and then open the "Provisioning" perspective

The UI is simply a browsing UI on top the existing API.  Its purpose is to exercise and visualize the provisioning API.  In other words, I don't believe this UI to be targeted at any users besides provisioning hackers and folks interested in the provisioning model.  It is certainly not an update manager UI replacement....just a first step in playing with UI's on top of the new API.

please see this bug for further info: