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[equinox-dev] What to do with 3.3.1 candidate bugs and milestones

Each major release the same thing happens.  We start fixing bugs in HEAD for the next major release but find a few fixes that we would like to also release into a maintenance release.  Then we have to decide what to do with the status of the original bug report which was used to release the fix into HEAD.  I have seen this handled in two ways.

1) Leave the bug open and mark the milestone to the next maintenance release milestone (e.g. 3.3.1) and make a comment in the bug report stating the fix was released to HEAD.  If/When the fix gets approved and released for the maintenance release then the bug is marked as fixed; otherwise we make a note that the fix is not going to be included in the maintenance release and the milestone is updated to major milestone the fix was included and marked as fixed.

2) Resolve the bug report and mark the milestone appropriate for the next major release (e.g. 3.4 M1) and open a separate bug with a proper milestone for the maintenance release (e.g. 3.3.1).

For the past couple of releases the Equinox team has used option #1 but this has a few drawbacks.  First of all, it gives inaccurate search results when querying bugzilla for the list of bug fixes for the next release milestone because code was released into the milestone but the bug is left open and marked for a maintenance stream.  Also I find it generally confusing that the bug status does not reflect the fixed state of the bug until we can get approval and actually release the bug into the maintenance stream.

The second approach has its advantages because it accurately reflects the state of the bug for a particular stream and makes for more accurate search results for fixed bugs and milestones.  But there is a risk that the open bug against the maintenance stream will not get approved for release and then we would have to resolve the bug as wontfix (or something).  I'm not sure that is really a problem because at least the reason why the fix is not in the maintenance stream is recorded.  Another disadvantage is that the bugs will look like duplicates which could cause confusion.

What are other committers preferences?  How is this handled on other teams?  Is there a standard Eclipse way to handle this?