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[equinox-dev] Deltas for delivering updates

I am currently investigating how the delta stuff (binary deltas) could fit into the ongoing provisioning work.

When working with deltas there are certain constraints such as:
- when requesting a delta for an artifact it is essential that the request contains an identification (version, md5, ..) of the artifact that is already available on the client, so that is possible to regenerate the new artifact from the old artifact and the delta.
- the client should not rely on the fact that the server(s) can always respond with a delta. In some way the client needs to have some flexibility on handling the data (deltas, complete ´files´) which the server can respond.

Currently provisioning uses ECF to handle the transport and download. Can/should delta handling be part of ECF - as a kind of smart transport/download handling? Or is delta handling so important to provisioning that it should be part of provisioning?
Any thoughts?