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[equinox-dev] [prov] Updated provisioning tests

I have reorganized the provisioning tests to match the setup we have in other core test projects:
 - An AllTests class in each test package that provides a test suite for all tests in that package
 - One "AutomatedTests" class that ties together all the AllTests classes into a single suite
 - Renamed packages/classes to match Eclipse naming conventions

This makes it easy for everyone to run all the tests in one shot, or just the tests for a particular area you may be working on. Once we are producing builds we just have to hook the AutomatedTests class into the Ant scripts that run tests during the build. You just need to remember to add a line to the appropriate AllTests whenever you add a new test class, or AutomatedTests if you add a new test package.  I didn't hook "DirectorTest" into the automated tests because it requires manual setup of the metadata prior to running the test.

Making sure AutomatedTests runs green before releasing code will help us keep the code base stable...