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[equinox-dev] JAAS integration (security)

I've heard a rumor :) that post-Europa there will be some JAAS integration bundles being contributed to Equinox for security enhancements (i.e. supporting platform-level authentication...hope, hope, etc).

Is there any way to find out/begin review/start contributing ideas/requirements/enhancements for this work for those of us not Equinox committers (i.e. other community members)?

Just by way of example, for some time, ECF uses/extends the Principal interface for it's concept of 'IDs' (user ID, process ID, service ID, etc). Iff the JAAS integration work provides services and/or extension points to allow other plugins (ours and those built upon ours) to contribute Principals and Credentials to authenticated Subjects upon successful authentication, we would be most happy :).