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Re: [equinox-dev] New Update Manager UI : Your thoughts

Ok, here is some thoughts on the gui for installing a new plugin. This is in keeping with the philosophy of keeping the simple things simple.
I wish there were a place where I could upload some docs and sample images to make the point more clear, but i will just type some stuff for now.

  1. User clicks on 'Install new plugin' button
  2. Dialog box with single text field asks to enter the url of pluign update site.
  3. update manager automatically gets the latest available version of the plugin.
  4. asks the user to accept the license.
  5. if license accepted, then installs plugin and asks user to restart.

The update site url, etc are automatically saved by the program and user doesnt need to give a 'name' along with the url as we have to do now.
Also no dialog box for confirming 'install all'. All user has to enter is the url and accept the license.

the dialog in step 2 can have an 'advanced' button, which when selected allows user to choose the exact version to install.

your thoughts? any compulsory steps in the install process we might be missing this way?