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Re: [equinox-dev] New Update Manager UI : Your thoughts

Prashant, I would suggest that you look at doing a UI on the new provisioning work rather than on the old Update Manager.  As you may know, we have embarked on a rewrite of Update Manager.  The UI for that is just starting.  The benefit is that the code you do is more relevant and has a chance of really influencing or being included in Eclipse.  The downside is that you will have to put up with some instability and lack of clarity etc inherent in early code bases.

As for peeves etc, one of the things we really want to see is clean, easy to execute workflows.  Keep the simple things simple, make the complicated things possible.  Ironically the simpler they are, the less UI there is :-)  Provisioning is one of those things that people just don't want to deal with.  There are too many hard questions and normal users cannot assess the correctness or impact of the various answers.  Anything that improves the day to day workflows would be great.

In Update Manager I think we went overboard in the "process".  Too many things to OK or agree to, too many clicks required.  We need flows that adapt to the situation.  For example, if the user is connected to trusted repos, why ask them about signing and licenses?

Figuring out ways of categorizing and presenting the various installation options is another one.  Users are often overwhelmed with choices.  Much of the time they just want to say "get me 'the Java tooling'" or some such.

There should be a smooth progression from the simple to the complicated.  For example, if someone says they want to instlal the Java tooling, it should be possible/natural (but not required!) as a matter of policy to drill into what they are about to get and see it (if not modify it if allowed by the policy in charge).

These are just some issues.  I've not even touched on the first time install story...

We really need to think outside the box and not go for incremental changes to the current Update Manager UI.


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[equinox-dev] New Update Manager UI : Your thoughts

Hi everyone,
 I will be doing the new update manager UI for eclipse as part of google soc.

Before I come up with a prototype, I would like to get some feedback from you guys.

It would be great if you all could list your personal pet peeves with the current update manager ui of eclipse
and also if you could list down any functionality that you would like to see in the new ui.

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