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[equinox-dev] Registry cache behaviour when no cache exists in both primary and shared configuration locs


Currently the Registry has the following behaviour implemented in the
ExtensionRegistry.checkCache() method:

1. it checks whether there is a cache info in the primary configuration dir
2. if it fails, it checks if there is a cache info in the shared
configuration dir
3. if this fails too, the shared configuration dir is left as a cache
info destination

This behavior has the side-effect that cache info will be never created,
because shared configuration location is always read-only for the
registry cache. Is such behavior intended?

I'm not very familiar with the Equinox deployment in shared install
scenarios, so it is up to you to decide whether this behavior is a bug
or it is a feature.

Danail Nachev
Software Engineer/Development Tools
ProSyst Labs EOOD
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