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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: Why is org.eclipse.osgi marked as Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI


The org.aspectj.osgi framework extension bundle in the Aspects Equinox Incubator needs AspectJ, which comprises two bundles, but obviously cannot import the necessary packages so it uses them though a new service bundle. However,  it needs to export a service interface and if the Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true  is not used the service bundle will not compile.

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[equinox-dev] Re: Why is org.eclipse.osgi marked as        Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI

Pascal Rapicault wrote:
> Could someone remind me why the manifest of org.eclipse.osgi contains the
> mark up Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true

AFAIK because it's the system bundle and you can create fragments for it
which export additional packages that are available on the system
classpath and that should be made available to all other bundles.

For example, in a J2EE container were you are using the servlet bridge
you would add fragments to export packages that are available from the
WAR or the container.

Cu, Gunnar

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