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Re: [equinox-dev] Question about IDirector in the Equinox provisioning incubator...

Hi Joe,

This API (like all the others in the provisioning projects) is far from
completion. It only contains an install method because this is the only
thing implemented. In the future it will evolve to address scenarios like
uninstall, update, etc.  However the real challenge with this API is
completeness given that the underlying infrastructure is extensible and new
kind of operations can be defined and invoked on the engine.
That said, I currently view the director as an high level API supporting
the most common operations, much like what was provided in the package



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Hi, Pascal. I've started looking through the code you contributed to the
incubator project, and I have a question: I notice that IDirector only has
install() methods defined. But according to the overview, the Director is
"responsible for determining what should be done to a given profile to
reshape it as requested". I would expect that "reshaping" could also
involve removing/deleting features from a profile -- how would this be done
by a Directory with only "install" methods, and no "uninstall" or "remove"
methods? Thanks...

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