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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundle Provisioning contribution


Sounds interesting.  It would be good to understand more about your usecases and scenarios. It is important for the new provisioning story to have contributors and early adopters who can help work through the issues and take an active role in ensuring that their needs can be met.  In some cases the provisioning work itself may not directly cover your requirements (we can't do everything) but the goal is for the provisioning framework to be extensible enough that people can reasonably extend it to do what they need.

Would it make sense for you to jot some details down on the wiki?  Perhaps somewhere near

Also, I'm not sure if it is appropriate for you but there is a provisioning workshop coming up in April.  See


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[equinox-dev] Bundle Provisioning contribution

Hi there,

I am starting a new project to integrate more of our traditional
software installer within the Eclipse Update Manager. Basically, we sell
a development suite along with Eclipse as an IDE. We currently have a
mature (traditional) installer that we would like to integrate into
Eclipse in order to have a consistent view from either the installer or
Eclipse. This integration is very important for us and we are committed
to Eclipse.

Following the leads of complaints about the Update Manager, I have come
across the Bundle Provisioning project at Equinox, and I would like to
contribute to that project. However, I am not an OSGi nor Update Manager
expert and I do not have a codebase to contribute as such. My value
would be more as an early integrator of the Bundle Provisioning
solution. Having said that, I am going to deal with this installer
integration into Eclipse for at least the next 6 months and I will be
happy to help actively anywhere it makes sense for us.
For the moment, I am more specifically interested in:
   - the repository structure of bundles => having features
   - full updates, including Eclipse and JRE

Let me know if I can be of any help.



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