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[equinox-dev] Re: [osgi-dev] Interoperability problems...

This is a subtle point which I had missed the importance of until now. It
implies that all OSGi developers, if they wish to ensure their bundles are
strictly compliant, must test against the RI downloaded from the OSGi
Alliance. In particular, a bundle tested against a copy of Equinox
downloaded from eclipse.org cannot necessarily be assumed to be compliant.

In light of this, could somebody tell me where on the OSGi Alliance
website (OUTSIDE the member area) I can download the RI?


> The RI shipped by the OSGi Alliance is configured to be a strict OSGi
> Framework.  To launch the official RI from OSGi you must follow the
> instructions provided by the OSGi Alliance.  That will give you a strict
> OSGi Framework.  Changing Equinox to default to a strict OSGi Framework
> and then force Eclipse to configure it for its needs will cause issues for
> all Eclipse clients and applications.  All of the Eclipse
> clients/applications will have to be reconfigured when they are upgraded
> to the latest Equinox that is now strict.  That is something I'm sure the
> Eclipse community would not enjoy.
> Tom