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[equinox-dev] Bundle obfuscation

It would be interesting to look at bundle obfuscation integration in our tooling.  We did some internal investigation some time ago with an internal IBM obfuscator/code optimizer and got some interesting improvements in size and speed.  We might be able to do something relatively easy here to integrate this in the normal workflows.   Perhaps somewhere in the JAR processor (e.g., prior to signing and packing)


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Marcel Offermans <marcel.offermans@xxxxxxxxxx>

03/20/2007 04:48 AM

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Re: Re[4]: Felix Util Bundle

On Mar 20, 2007, at 9:39 , Peter Kriens wrote:

> I am that interested in making an obfuscator but shrinking the bundle
> could be an interesting function. I already have all the information
> anyway. Obviously I can only throw away private packages, with OSGi
> you never know who will use the exported packages.
> I actually think that this will be a problem with a generic tool,
> throwing away exported packages.

Check out this paragraph in the ProGuard examples documentation:


That was specifically designed for processing libraries.

Greetings, Marcel