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[equinox-dev] Equinox Testing

Due to the time constraints for this milestone we won't have a traditional
test pass where everyone tests all use cases on one particular machine
configuration. This email will outline our plan for tomorrow.

Test Plan

Pascal and I have put together a general list of areas that we think need
testing. If you have knowledge of other items, please add them to the list.
The beginning of a test plan is here:

In order to flush out a good test plan for upcoming test days, we will do
something different for tomorrow's test pass. Each person will take an area
and write up the test scenerio for that area and test it on the different
configurations. The scenerio (and example zips, etc) will then be updated
to the wiki. Also take the time to update the wiki with your demos from

The goals for the end of the day tomorrow are:
   have everything in our components tested
   have a test plan set that we can build from for next time
   have the wiki updated with test scenerios, example zips, and demos

If there are items on the list which could have automated tests made for
them, then please create the tests so we can add them to the test suites.
The eventual goal is to have everything that can be tested automatically,
to be tested by the automated test suites. (test pass days are intended to
be used for manual testing and integration testing)

If you are done your scenerios early, then please ask around and offer a
hand for those who have more work to do.

Tom, I can help with the app model/osgi scenerios on the different