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[equinox-dev] Re: GWT and Equinox

Jeff McAffer wrote:
> Jeff Norris at NASA did some exploration during EclipseCon and came up
> with a solution/example for using the Google Widget Toolkit and Equinox
> together.  Seems like it is a good start for some real fun.  He put a
> page up on the wiki.  See
>         http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Google_Web_Toolkit_and_Equinox

Interesting. We also covered this topic in our EclipseCon tutorial:
(3719) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 2]
page 39-44.

You can grab the GWT Planet Eclipse Viewer examples here:

Or use the project set:

But I'm wondering why he had to use buddy class loading. It wasn't
necessary for the tutorial projects I created. The servlet is defined in
the bundle that has access to the classes anyway.

BTW, I highly recommend my GWT plug-in for GWT development. ;)

Cu, Gunnar

Gunnar Wagenknecht