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Re: [equinox-dev] Standard practice for deploying in daemon mode?

Great question.  I recall someone looking into this in the past but do not recall the result.  It would be great if you could outline the requirements, issues and approaches in a bug report.  This is an interesting usecase that should be covered by the code and/or doc as required.

Does this tie into how Eclipse is launched?  We are redoing the launcher now so perhaps there is something we can/should do there?


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01/02/2007 11:55 PM

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[equinox-dev] Standard practice for deploying in daemon mode?


I am just wondering if there is a standard practice or maybe some code
available for deploying Equinox in daemon mode on Linux...

I usually use djb's daemontools for this kind of thing, but I thought I'd
check here first.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you!

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