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RE: [equinox-dev] how to launch another fw instance in the same jvm

Hi Ikuo,

I don't know if there's an example of a bundle that launches another
instance of Equinox readily available, however the FrameworkLauncher in
the servletbridge might be a good place to get some ideas.
A few things to think about...
1) Try to isolate the class loader you're using to launch the new
instance from the bundle doing the launching.
2) Make sure osgi.framework.useSystemProperties=false is set to help
prevent system property collisions with the already started framework.
3) If you need to do more than just manage the instances lifecycle,
start thinking about how you're going to interact/communicate with the
newly launched instance. For interacting I like using Framework
extension bundles however you might in some cases want to interact with
the BundleContext (with a healthy does of reflection) returned from


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> Hi,
> I'd like to know how a bundle on a framework launches another 
> framework instance in the same Java VM in equinox.
> If there is any information I can get, it would be very 
> appreciated (e.g.
> examples of bundle implementation which implements it, tips 
> for it, etc...) 
> Best regards,
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