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[equinox-dev] Packaging opensource libraries as osgi bundles

I am reflecting to the fact that it would be nice if a set of opensource projects (starting from most used/trendy) would be packaged as osgi bundles and keeped them in a repository. ( bundles.osgi.org for example or any other). I see interesting the Eclipse Orbit initiative which is however devoted only to "eclipse-related" libraries.

Clearly the problem of maintaining this repository would be high but the benefits for osgi adoption could be interesting (specially when people see that with osgi they are able to manage lot of lines code more easily than traditional approach).

What do you think about that?

As exercise I am starting porting existing opensource libraries as OSGi bundles. I think there are two level of adoption:
a) package "components" as osgi bundles and keep tracks of dependencies and versions
b) adopt a service oriented approach (using osgi registry or declarative service)

a) can be done easily and I think can also be maintained externally from the main trunk of the project (if project is well modularized). b) should be adopted from project team :)