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[equinox-dev] Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI Manifest Header

I recently came across a situation in which I wanted to organize a
large and messy web-UI bundle into a core bundle and some additional
fragments.  Most of the fragments provide packages in addition to
those provided by the core bundle.  I was excited to find the
Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI manifest header which seems to fill this need.
From the docs:

The Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI is used to specify whether a host bundle allows fragment bundles to add additional API to the host. This header should be used if a host bundle wants to allow fragments to add additional packages to the API of the host. If this header is not specified then a default value of 'false' is used.

Is there anything like this in the official OSGi spec? If not, is
there any chance that this feature will make it into the next spec

Jeremy Volkman