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[equinox-dev] OSGi DevCon/EclipseConf tutorial selection

The OSGi Developer conference in Santa Clara March 5-8 together with
EclipseCon will have a long and short OSGi tutorial. However, we have
7 submissions ... It might be possible to get an extra slot but that
depends on how many people show interest.

Could you spent a couple of minutes help us do the selection? I have
prepared a page with all the submissions and easy vote buttons. You
will have to register, but it would greatly help us to see which
tutorials are the most popular. (I think they are all very interesting!)



Kind regards,

   Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens                              Tel +33467542167
9C, Avenue St. Drézéry                    AOL,Yahoo: pkriens
34160 Beaulieu, France                    ICQ 255570717
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