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[equinox-dev] Using Equinox for Headless Applications

I am looking to use Equinox as our main "platform" for all of our Java
applications. Our first and most important use case is to deploy and
schedule many headless applications. From the little reading that I've
done on OSGi and Equinox, I thought the following was possible:

1) Run an execution environment (server)
2) Deploy application as bundles/plugins (hopefully remotely)
3) Scheduling: run "jobs" or "tasks" at certain times
4) Start/Stop (hopefully remotely)
5) Upgrade (hopefully remotely)

Now, I think I do see a path on how this can be done, but I was just
wondering if there's some documentation out there that explains how the
above is done. I don't currently see anything that covers the above
(maybe I'm just missing it) or am I trying to fit a square peg in a
round hole here? Any help?


Marcus Malcom
Software Engineer

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