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Re: [equinox-dev] Bug in "Run As Equinox"

On 10/11/06, Thomas Watson <tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That syntax should be fine.  It tells the bootstrap code (in EclipseStarter) to mark the bundle for persistent start and set its start-level to the value specified by the property  osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel

So we thought...

At the console run the "sl" command to see what start-level the framework is set to and then run the "sl <bundle id>" command to see what start level your bundle is set to.  It seems like your bundles have a start-level that is higher than the current start-level of the framework.  There are two properties you should pay attention to.

osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel - used to set the start-level of installed bundles that do not specify a particular start-level in the osgi.bundles list (defaults to 4).
osgi.startLevel - used to set the initial start-level of the framework (defaults to 6).

Yes, of course, we will double, double check that... I just got a queesy feeling that bundle default startlevel and framework startlevel was mixed up...

If you set osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel > osgi.startLevel then your bundles will not be able to start because they will have a higher start-level than the current Framework start-level.  If this is not what is going on then please open a bug against PDE-UI.

Ok, thanks for the feedback...