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[equinox-dev] Bug in "Run As Equinox"


If we "Run As Equinox" and don't specify a start level for the bundles, we see 
very strange behavior.

The PDE creates for instance


but Equinox has great difficulty in understanding that and although it loads 
the bundle to a RESOLVED state, it will not start it, nor will I be able to 
start it manually from the console.
If we manually add the startlevel (e.g @2:start) in the config.ini file, 
Equinox runs as expected.

This behaviour is observed for both 3.2.1 [1] and 3.3-M2 [2].
And it is much worse in "Run As Eclipse Application", since we can't specify 
the start levels at all, and the same behaviour is seen.

Is there something to this that we are missing? Will file bug report if not a 
known issue.


[1] org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar
[2] org.eclipse.osgi_3.3.0.v20060919.jar