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[equinox-dev] Possible bug in ServiceTracker


We are struggling with a ServiceTracker filter problem.

If we do;

String classname = Content.class.getName()
m_serviceTracker = 
    new ServiceTracker( m_bundleContext, classname, m_contentTracking );

tracking work as expected. However, if we change it to

String filterString = 
    "(" + Constants.OBJECTCLASS + "=" +Content.class.getName() + " )";
Filter filter = bundleContext.createFilter( filterString);

m_serviceTracker = 
    new ServiceTracker( m_bundleContext, filter, m_contentTracking );

We don't get any service tracking. We have tried to follow the code in the 
tracker and the associated Event management in framework, and we are not 
capable of following the logic behind the, hrmmm, overly complex code. ;o)
The only thing I think I concluded was that the tracker's EventListener is not 
called from the framework at all.

Any idea why this behaviour is observed???