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Re: [equinox-dev] http servlet > 2.1 support

There are issues with the HttpService design that cannot properly deal 
with Servlet API above 2.1. 

Beginning with Servlet 2.2, the web application concept was introduced 
which adds context path and other concepts which are hard to reconcile 
with the HttpService design point of registering individual servlet 
instances. Servlet 2.2 also introduced support for JSPs which are not 
supportabe by HttpService.

IBM proposed a design to replace HttpService with a WebContainer 
specification for OSGi that supports JSPs and Servlet 2.3. This design was 
not incorporated into R4 by OSGi, but may make a future release. This 
design realized the limitations of the current HttpService design with 
respect to Servlet API beyond 2.1.

BJ Hargrave
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Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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2005-11-22 09:48 AM
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[equinox-dev] http servlet > 2.1 support

There have been a number of posts on the felix mailing list about 
supporting more recent servlet specs than detailed in the OSGi HTTP 
service.  That standard identifies Servlet 2.1 as the base but leaves open 
the possibility of implementing something later.  IBM is in the process of 
contributing its productized HTTP service to Equinox (Thanks!).  It 
implements Servlet 2.1.  Simon has been talking about wanting to do 
something later.  It would be good to understand what that would mean 
since there are some additional servlet concepts that would likely need to 
be exposed on the the HTTP service API.  Should we just extend that API? 
Also it would be good to understand/enumerate what it would take to 
implement the required bits of later standards on the new Equinox service. 

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