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Re[2]: [equinox-dev] Coding standards: using import abc.* - or not?

Hi Peter,
Sorry, I should have explained better the scenario I run into.

Let's say we have a plugin ABC that:
        a) has an Assert class in the package ABC, and
        b) uses runtime.

In this case a typical import code in the plugin ABC would be:

        import org.eclipse.core.runtime.*;
        import ABC.*;

Which works fine - until somebody notices that "Assert" class is duplicated 8 times in different plugins. With that in mind somebody adds "Assert" as a public API to the package org.eclipse.core.runtime. Now developers won't have to duplicate "Assert" class anymore and the world is a better place.

You probably guessed what happens next: plugin ABC doesn't compile anymore as "import .* " statements become ambiguous. (By the way, no changes were made to the plugin ABC in the process - yet it doesn't compile anymore.)

Oleg Besedin

Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx>:

> -1
> I like the import abc.* very much because it is easier to see what
> packages are used, less redundant information is easier to grasp.
> Coupling takes place on package level, not class level. The root of
> most software evil is redundancy.
> I do not understand the problems:
> - Identical names are rare and confusing anyway.
> - F3 brings you to the definition regardless of the import