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Fw: [equinox-dev] (no subject)

The command line mentioned works but could be smaller:
        > \ibm1.4.2_dev\jre\bin\java.exe -cp osgi.jar;core.jar;defaultadaptor.jar;console.jar;resolver.jar org.eclipse.osgi.framework.launcher.Launcher -console "launch"

The osgi.framework setting is not needed in this case.

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Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM

11/04/2004 11:25 AM

Re: [equinox-dev] (no subject)Link

Hey Armand,

There is a bit of confusion here.  Equinox is a proving ground for technology that is then rolled into Eclipse proper.  

If what you are after is running OSGi, you can get any Eclipse drop (3.0 or later) and it contains an org.eclipse.osgi "bundle" which is actually the OSGi System Bundle.  This can be run independent of any "Eclipse-ness" as follows
        > cd <org.eclipse.osgi directory>
        > java.exe -cp osgi.jar;core.jar;defaultadaptor.jar;console.jar;resolver.jar -Dosgi.framework=file:. org.eclipse.osgi.framework.launcher.Launcher -console "launch"

This will get you an OSGi console and can install bundles etc.  The current setup is not great and we are working to clean this up.  Mainly it comes down to packaging up the jars appropriately and making it easier to startup and install bundles.


"Njonga Armand (AA/ESW1)" <Armand.Njonga@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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11/04/2004 05:14 AM

Please respond to

[equinox-dev] (no subject)

dear People,
I try to run Equinox as standalone Platform, without the eclipse IDE. Does it possible to do that?
Should i change parameter in the eclipse source code or take in the repository the Equinox phase 2 source?
I start the OSGi framework under eclipse such as describe in the equinox site, with "eclipse.exe -console", but i don't need the eclipse environment. I thougth, it was possible to start equinox like oscar!?

thank for your help!



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