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Re: [equinox-dev] (no subject)

Armand.Njonga@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 2004/11/04 10:14:
> dear People,
> I try to run Equinox as standalone Platform, without the eclipse
> IDE. Does it possible to do that?

Depends what you are trying to do. (E.g. I can't answer for RCP, if that's
what you want.)

> Should i change parameter in the eclipse source code or take in the
> repository the Equinox phase 2 source?
> I start the OSGi framework under eclipse such as describe in the
> equinox site, with "eclipse.exe -console", but i don't need the
> eclipse environment. I thougth, it was possible to start equinox like

I don't know if this is any use to you, but you may like to look at a very
simple test which picks out the OSGi framework and uses just its modularity

Look for in the org.eclipse.osgi.tests project in the
src/org/eclipse/osgi/tests/modularity directory under the layering branch.
Since this takes some finding (!), here's a URL to give you an idea of what
it does:

This currently runs under Eclipse (on the Equinox layering branch), but I
don't think it would be very hard to make it run standalone. (If you get
that working, please post back!)


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