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[equinox-dev] Inconsistencies in the runtime plugin.xml and manifest.mf files

I noticed that the runtime plugin.xml does not re-export org.eclipse.osgi.services or org.eclipse.osgi.utils but does re-export org.eclispe.osgi itself.  Interestingly, the runtime manifest.mf does requires only org.eclipse.osgi. (and re-exports it)

runtime.compatibility requires and re-exports all three osgi bundles in both the plugin.xml and the manifest.mf but its plugin.xml requires org.eclipse.update.configurator but this is not included in the manifest.mf.

So, there are inconsistencies between runtime and compatibility (still don't understand why runtime does not reexport all three osgi bundles) and inconsistencies between the plugin.xml and manifest.mf for both runtime and runtime.compatibility