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[equinox-dev] Tomcat plugin RMI security problem


I'm having a  problem setting up my eclipse-tomcat debugging environment.

I'm using Eclipse 2.1.0 with sysdeo tomcat plugin 2.2.1 & running tomcat
4.1.24 all running in a Windows 2000 environment.
I'm also using an RMI server to do work for my application while in
development stage.  I should also mention I'm not using java security within
my application at this point.

When I start a standalone tomcat server I have no problem using my RMI sever
but when I start tomcat within Eclipse and my code trys to create the
RMISecurity manager, ie execute "System.setSecurityManager(new
RMISecurityManager());" I get an access denied exception thrown by the
java.security.AccessControlContext class. 
eg java.security.AccessControlException: access denied
(java.util.PropertyPermission catalina.base read)

I have granted all permissions on my java.policy in both my tomcat instance
& the RMI server.  I've tried setting the system variable
"java.security.policy" to point to my java.policy file from within may
application code as a last resort and still no success.

I hope someone can be of assistance.


Ray Eime