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Re: [equinox-dev] bundles as modules and legacy bundles

I would expect that they could use both.  The module import/export semantics are quite similar to that of plugin requires in Eclipse.  So this would be natural to eclipse programmers.  However, there are real/interesting usecases for import/export package.  A first cut at a simple criteria goes something like:

If you don't care about the implementation you use and want to interact with more parts of the system, use import/export package.  If you want to bind to a particular supplier of some function and/or are not concerned with API per se, use import/export module.


Rafael Chaves/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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09/29/2003 01:45 PM

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Another question related to the bundle as modules topic: can one assume that legacy bundles will use import/export-module instead of import/export-package? Or will they use both? If so, what is the criterion?