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[epl-discuss] GPL compatibility

I have a questions about the potential option GPL compatibility. 


We have a number of Eclipse projects that re-user other Eclipse projects, so I wonder how the GPL compatibility will work with nested projects.


For instance, the Eclipse Leshan project re-uses/consumes/includes the Eclipse Californium project. I’d like to understand the implication if one project agrees to GPL compatibility but the other project does not. 


Scenerio 1: The Eclipse Californium project specifies that their EPL license is GPL compatible but the Eclipse Leshan does not agree to GPL compatibility.  I am assuming this means the entire Eclipse Leshan project would not be GPL compatible.  The Californium bits would be GPL compatible but only available from the Californium download page?


Scenerio 2: Eclipse Californium specific their EPL license is NOT GPL compatible but the Eclipse Leshan does specify EPL is compatible with GPL. If Leshan consumers Californium, does this make the entire Leshan project not compatible?  Maybe a general question, do all downstream EPL license technology need to be GPL compatible to allow the aggregate to be compatible.






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