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Re: [epl-discuss] GPL compatibility

On 25/03/2015 9:51 AM, Richard Fontana wrote:
Why not use EPL 2.0 as an opportunity to address this? MPL 2.0 did so
and the solution used in MPL 2.0 could easily be adapted to the EPL,
though other approaches are also possible.

I have thought about this, and would be interested in adding it to the list of topics.

However, as I understand it software licensed under the MPL 2.0 is GPL compatible by default. Any EPL approach to GPL compatibility would have to take the opposite tack: GPL compatibility would have to be something explicitly added by the initial contributor.

One appealing aspect to taking this approach is that we have a growing list of projects at the Eclipse Foundation which are dual-licensed EPL+BSD(EDL) to allow for GPL compatibility. Having an EPL 2.0 which was GPL compatible would allow us to meet the needs of similar projects with a single license.

Mike Milinkovich
+1.613.220.3223 (mobile)

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