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Re: [epl-discuss] GPL compatibility for EPL v2

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 03:43:25PM -0400, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
> On 9/22/2016 3:40 PM, Richard Fontana wrote:
> > What is GPL 2.1 in this context: (a) a theoretical future minor
> > revision of GPLv2, (b) a typo for LGPLv2.1, (c) a typo for GPLv2, (d)
> > something else?:)
> (d) Mike doesn't know very much about the GPL. :)

I don't believe achieving GPLv2 compatibility would be any more
difficult than for GPLv3. MPL 2.0 defines a category of 'Secondary
License' which includes the whole GPL family (including future
versions) other than pre-v2 versions of the GPL and pre-2.1 versions
of the LGPL, and has a provision aimed at achieving compatibility for
any Secondary License. Better explained by Luis though. :)

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