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Re: [epl-discuss] LGPL compatibility in EPL 2?

On 9/22/2016 12:26 PM, Jay Jay Billings wrote:
I'm not looking to throw a monkey wrench in the discussion, but based on Jim's discussion point of modified works and C++, I curious what you think about EPL 2 and LGPL compatibility? The Eclipse Science Working Group is currently actively discussing how LGPL projects can play with Eclipse because a very large amount of Science projects use the LGPL.


That's a perfectly valid question. Thanks for asking it.

At the level of file re-use, I would venture that the EPL and LGPL already are license compatible. By that I mean that it should be legally possible for an EPL-licensed project to make use of a LGPL-licensed component. (If anyone disagrees with me, please say so!)

As far as I know, the Eclipse Foundation's resistance to using LGPL-licensed prerequisites is not because of license compatibility in the purely legal sense. It is basically a policy decision. Apache has a similar restriction. For that reason, I think that the better approach would be to have this discussion directly with the Board. Will you be at EclipseCon Europe?

Mike Milinkovich
+1.613.220.3223 (mobile)

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