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[epf-dev] Restoring

Hi all:

For my project I need to build an instance of EPFWiki and now I have my first mockup[1] I feel confident to restore too which seems to be offline at least since a year ago. After checking with the Eclipse project webmaster[2] we could do it asking a VM for the EPF project to host the service. I'm completely new to EPFWiki but I'll be happy to do the job. Because policy[3] each Eclipse project has the right to set up one small VM for free.

For setting up the server instance we (me?) need (citing #538567):
Beyond that our new vserver policy has been posted on bug 538607, so take a read and if you have questions we can handle them on that bug.

Once you've read the policy, if you still want a vserver just let me know here on this bug that you've read the policy and I'll get the server sorted out.
So, before asking for the VM hereby I ask permission to do it in the name of project. Don't know if it's required but I think it would be convenient to write down at #538567 too.


PS: Oh! I thought I had send this email this morning! 8-/

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