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[epf-dev] Request for bug editing and triage permissions


I would like to help a bit reviewing the bugzilla project entries. In my experience there are a bunch of obsoleted open o duplicated reports I could help closing them. Also I would like to contribute a set of RFEs after my experience with the tool. For closing and editing reports I am required permissions I don't have as an Eclipse Contributor.  The alternative could be to upgrade my account to Committer or, probably better, just ask permissions for bugzilla.

A bug reporter has full control over his/her bug, but cannot change values of a bug they do not own. Only Eclipse Committers, and persons designated to bug triage, can edit/move/reassign bugs.

If you're an Eclipse committer and would like to nominate someone for bug triage, please send their Bugzilla account e-mail address to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx. For more information about Bug Triage, please see Bug 265880

Could a current committer promote me as Bugzilla editor, please? My Bugzilla account is ismael@xxxxxxxx.

Thanks in advance.


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