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Re: [epf-dev] Mobile-ish version of EPF

Hi John,

Do you mean a version of EPF that publishes process for browsing on a tablet?  Or do you mean for authoring on a tablet?

I recently tried browsing a published website on Firefox for Android, and it worked quite well on a 10" tablet.
However, for smaller mobile devices, I don't think it would work very well.
The main challenges to a small mobile UI
1. The treebrowser with content pane on the right.
        A new UI would need to be designed that separates the tree and the content, in order to make use of the visual space.
        Probably would want to change the navigation so that you can navigate using big clickable icons.
2. Graphics
        EPF content includes graphics that will not display well in a small form factor.

These challenges can be overcome if we get some volunteers to work on them.

In terms of authoring via mobile devices, that is a much bigger challenge.
EPF Composer is based on Eclipse, and Eclipse doesn't run on mobile devices.
That said, it would be possible to develop a web-based version of EPF composer, so that editing is done via the browser with
a back-end server storing the data.  That would, however, be a major undertaking.
At the current time, IBM's contributions to EPF composer are primarily bug fixes, with new development mainly going into Rational Method Composer
to support improved integration with enactment tools like Rational Team Concert.

So the brief answer to your question is:
1. You can browse EPF websites on Android using Firefox (and possibly other platforms), although there is no explicit testing on these environments.
2. There are no current plans to improve support for mobile devices, but volunteers are welcome to do so.

Bruce MacIsaac
RMC Product Manager
408-250-3037 (cell)

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Bruce do you think there will ever be a mobile ish version of EPF?  A tablet version?
John Miller
Super Creative Core Information Technology, Founder
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On 2013-08-07, at 3:48 PM, Bruce Macisaac <
bmacisaa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

HI everyone,

Just a reminder that this month's call is Thursday, Aug 7, 11:00am EST /  8:00AM PST.

Dial in info available here:"">


Update on EPF development team
(planned changes in committers supporting the tool/code components of EPF)
2. Next EPF/RMC Webinars


Bruce MacIsaac
EPF Project Lead
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