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[epf-dev] EPF call Thursday, Feb 14, 8:00AM PST

HI everyone,

A kind reminder that our regular EPF call will be this Thursday, Feb 14, 8:00AM PST.

Dial in info available here:"">


Plans/ideas for next release
        - Example: IBM has started working on some updates to the Scrum library
                - Updating based on latest Scrum practice
                - Incorporating the Scrum library with the EPF Practices library so that Scrum can be mixed and matched with other practices.

2. Essence submission - goes to an OMG vote in March.  Eclipse is registered to vote.  How does the EPF community want to vote?

3. EPF Webinars
        - I propose we merge this series with the upcoming RMC webinar series planned by IBM and make it one co-hosted series.

Thanks and happy valentine's day,

Bruce MacIsaac

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