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[epf-dev] EPF/RMC Webinar: "Using Skins to customize the look and feel of a published website": Thursday, April 11, 8:00AM PST :

Hi everyone,

Next in our combined EPF/RMC Webinar series is a presentation on "Using Skins to customize the look and feel of an RMC website"

Time: Thursday, April 11, 8:00AM PST.
Dial-in info: See the EPF calendar:"">


Bruce MacIsaac (IBM), and Tom Evans (Accenture), and possibly others,
will show how the the look and feel of an RMC published website can be
customized using "skins".

Bruce will give a brief overview of what skins are, and will demo how to create and use a skin.

Tom will walk through an example of how to use a custom skin to generate links to a template repository.

If you have done some skin customization - please join and show us what you've done!

Please come with suggestions for next webinar (and volunteer!)
So far the suggestions are:
- Tips and tricks for managing large libraries
- Using the process builder and process slots to create a WBS structure using simple questions and answers.

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