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[emft-dev] Texo 1.0 release on December 1?

The Texo project is showing a 1.0.0 release [1]  on Dec. 1.

AFAICT this is bogus.

Can somebody from the Texo project team please either correct my assessment, update the release record, or remove it (you'll have to send a note to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx to request the removal; changing is better).

AFAICT, Texo is active and seems to be following the rules, other than the yearly review requirement. The downloads area has "interim" 0.1 builds which makes me think that the 1.0 release in the metadata is a little premature. It is strongly recommended that the project engage in an incubation release before engaging in a graduation review.

AFAICT, the project predates the requirement for mentors. Does the project require a mentor?



Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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