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Re: [emft-dev] EMFT update site is empty or non-existant

As far as I got by searching the org.eclipse.ecoretools.git repo for "", there is indeed no special p2 repo for ecoretools, although I'm not sure about EMFT in general. However, it turned out that the latest released version of is, whereas according to the latest version is 0.9.0. Can somebody with appropriate rights, please,
 1). update and possibly other pages to reflect new versions, and
 2). update to reflect that one shall use Simultaneous Release repositories instead of EMFT ones?

For anybody googling, contains more up-to-date info about Ecore Tools than the old page at

Kind regards,
Mikhail Kalkov

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Från: "Mikhail Kalkov" <mikhail.kalkov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Till: "emft-dev" <emft-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Skickat: tisdag, 13 aug 2013 18:01:36
Ämne: [emft-dev] EMFT update site is empty or non-existant


I've tried locating an update site for IU, but was unable to do it. The EMF update site at does not contain this IU, and the EMFT update site at is simply empty. I've also tried with but it didn't help either. Finally, searching the EMFT newsgroups only revealed unanswered questions on similar subject:

The only place I could find is in the repository, but I have hard time believing that EMFT project doesn't have its own update site. If it's true that should be clarified on the EMFT Update Site page ( so that folks don't get confused.

Kind regards,
Mikhail Kalkov
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