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[emft-dev] Xtext, Xpand, MWE 1.0.1 (SR1) release and Git migration on Wednesday, August 25

Hi all,

next Wednesday is release day as well as migration day.

*Service Release SR1*

The SR1 contains a lot of bug fixes and significant performance improvements as well as memory optimizations.
Find the full list of fixed bugzillas here :

Things to do in the next couple of days:

 - Fix Outline - see bugs 323065 322656 322435 297473 (Sebastian)
 - Fix Formatter - see bug 314858 (Moritz)
 - Fix I18n - see bug 317578 (Jan)
 - Documentation on Expressions (Sven)
 - Proofread Documentation (You)
 - Testing (You)

*Migration to Git*

 - Inform Webmaster - see Bug 317923 (Moritz)
 - Fix StandaloneSetup - see Bug 323115 
 - Cleanup the git repositories (remove old projects, files, cleanup and create .gitignore files)


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