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[emft-dev] UOMo measurement and EMF

Grahame suggested that we have a more in depth discussion about Units of Measurement approaches vis. EMF and I thought that to keep discussion open the AMP list was as good a place as any to cc in. I'm also cc'ing EMFT and PMC *one time only* as it occurred to me that there might be other EMF folks that are interested in standardization for these kinds of model representations. Please follow up to AMP list only unless UOMo team have a list they'd like to use.

Please see post below for context:; 

Issue as I understand it is can / should UOMo effort include EMF / MDSD representations and services as part of their project proper, how might that be supported in EMF, technical details, etc.. I know little or next to nothing about standardization efforts on the Java side and I think that Grahame is looking to get more familiarity on the EMF side.

I think it is safe to say that having a common set of model representations for such things as Measurements -- not to mention Financials, Process Components, Demographics, etc.. -- would be a major win for broader adoption of the EMF approach and in continuing to build Eclipse as the platform of choice for all kinds of serious modeling efforts, so I'm glad to see UOMo effort as an Eclipse project. That said, it might be worth some discussion about actually widening scope of effort to "Real World Model Entities" but of course that is for proposal team to decide.


(Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform)

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