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Re: [emft-dev] [EMFatic] Alignment with OCLinEcore


It didn't work out quite as I expected. Four editors for OCL expressions, OCL documents,
OCL embedded in Ecore, OCL Standard libraries are available in MDT/OCL Examples RC1.
[The OCL expressions editor may be useful for pop-up applications such as Papyrus.]

For the embedded OCL in Ecore, use of an emfatic-style

    name type

was too uncomfortable in conjunction with OMG OCL's

    type : name

and also OMG tend to use {composes,ordered} etc.

So in the end the OCLinEcore concrete syntax is quite different from Emfatic.

Of course, one of the nice features of Xtext is that there can be multiple Concrete
Syntaxes for a shared CST model, so Emfatic and OCLinEcore might coexist as
alternate editors for *.ecore.

For compatibility/flexibility, the OCLinEcore editor supports editing either *.ecore or
*.oclinecore persisting in the source file format unless a SaveAs changes persistent format.

Fuller OCL/Modeling usage requires Associations, so a larger OCLinUML editor seems
appropriate supporting the same text/model editor interchangeability for *.uml as for *.ecore.

Behind the scenes, a Base grammar has evolved that may have an embarrassing number of
similarities with XBase. I have solved some problems that could be in the Xtext core so there
is probably a scope for a merge rather than outright selection of one or the other.


        Ed Willink

On 08/04/2010 08:35, Sven Efftinge wrote:

On Apr 7, 2010, at 10:40 AM, Ed Willink wrote:

Shall I just produce my OCLinEmfatic/OCLinEcore editor as an example for Helios, then you can review it and decide how best to provide shared functionality in Iona?

Yes, that's a good idea. 


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